COVID-19 – Advice as from 19th June 2020

The clinic is now fully open to see patients for both emergency appointments and those that have regular maintenance care, as long as the patient doesn’t fall into the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ category as defined by PHE. 

Since a recent update by the government, I am now able to treat people with no underlying health conditions and those who are in the ‘moderately vulnerable’ category.

The new normal:  how things will be slightly different when you attend for treatment

Only one patient per time will attend the clinic and the space will be managed by your chiropractor.  Please wear a mask or face covering but if you don’t have one, one can be provided – please ask prior to your visit.  We ask that on arrival you remain in your car until invited in. On entering the clinic your temperature will be taken with a thermal thermometer and you will be asked to use hand gel. The only surfaces you will be in contact with are the chair and the treatment table. All patients will be treated fully clothed so we ask that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please avoid bring any unnecessary items into the clinic such as handbags, hats etc.  In addition, no family groups are permitted into the clinic and if accompanying the patient, they must wait in the car.

Please do contact me on 07976 236864 to discuss whether hands on intervention is appropriate to help your condition, and if it is, I will then triage you for COVID-19 symptoms and explain the risk assessment procedures that are in place prior to your visit to the clinic.

In addition you will need to sign the Patient Consent and Information form, found HERE, which you must download, sign and bring with you. Without this form no treatment can be undertaken.

COVID-19 – Advice as from 26th March 2020

On the 26th March the Government published a Statutory Instrument (2020 No. 350) stating that Chiropractors and Osteopaths are exempt from closure during the Coronavirus crisis. 

I am now in a position, after undertaking full risk assessments and obtaining Public Health England recommended PPE, to see urgent/emergency musculoskeletal (MSK) cases. If I assess that there is an urgent medical need to see you in person, this can only happen after I have undertaken a thorough risk assessment to ensure that it is safe and it is in your best interests. In addition you will need to sign the Patient Consent and Information form, found HERE, which you must download, sign and bring with you. Without this form no treatment can be undertaken.

For less urgent cases I can offer advice by telephone or recommend referral as appropriate so please don’t hesitate to call me on 07976 236864

COVID-19 – Advice as from 24th March 2020

Due to the very recently updated government direction regarding COVID-19 the clinic is now closed.  I may be able to treat acute pain patients who are key workers, but each case will have to be considered on a risk verses benefit basis.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you fall into this category.  I hope that all my patients stay well and safe.  Louise White

COVID-19 – Advice as from 18th March 2020

Further to guidance from Public Health England and the General Chiropractic Council, we have been advised that we can, at the moment, continue to offer our services provided that there is no increased risk to our patients or ourselves. 

With this in mind, we are advising patients in the ‘at risk group’ – those over 70 with underlying health conditions – to postpone routine appointments until the situation normalises.

For those of you who are able to attend and are well, no cough and/or fever, my colleague, Michael Norris DC and I will be taking enhanced hygiene precautions to minimise the risk.  In addition we will also be contacting you individually to explain these precautions.

To this end we are now managing patient flow to limit contact.  When attending the clinic please remain in your car until called in order to allow for the person before you to leave the premises.  In addition, between each appointment we are cleaning down all surfaces to stop any cross contamination.   We are also asking patients to wash their hands immediately on arrival prior to treatment.

As this is a swiftly moving situation, and this advice may change, please check back here regularly for any new updates.